Happy Sunday…

Happy Sunday…

Happy Sunday beautiful people, happy Sunday. I was telling a friend recently about a prayer I prayed once, saying God you can use me to run a mission right outside of hell. I really had no idea the prayer I had just prayed, but my heart was right. I wanted people to know Jesus and I was willing to go. I sure have found myself in some interesting places, that only God himself could have set up. Mission Jesus!

Sometimes these divine appointments, I never spoke a word about Jesus. I worked hard and just tried to show the people that I cared.

Today, let’s not just know about Jesus, let’s not just talk about Jesus, let’s truly carry the heart of God and care for his people. How about it? Happy Sunday?

Let’s Pray:

Father, thank you that your heart is that none would perish. You wasn’t looking for perfection, nor were you looking for qualifications, you were looking for willing vessels to spread the good news, the best news of Jesus Christ. Sometimes done in Word and sometimes in deeds, but always with a willing and caring heart.

Father, forgive us when we polished your message, so it was hard for people to receive. Your message is simple and to the point, so that all can receive. You love people!

Father, set up some destiny moments today all across this globe, so we can be carriers for you and your glory alone. Amen.

Have a blessed day God’s most beautiful people. Happy Sunday.

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