Can You Tell Them About An Amazing God?

Can You Tell Them About An Amazing God?

Good morning beautiful people, good morning. Today, we will all meet someone that is in need of hope. Maybe that person needs a kind word, a box of food, a hug, or ask the Holy Spirit to show you what they need. Let everyone you meet today know that God cares for them and they are amazing people. Everyone is amazing, carrying a gift from the beginning of time.

Let’s fill the world today with more love, peace and joy, because we can. Everyone is important to God. I must tell you ths once again.

Let’s Pray:

Tell Them…

Tell them I love them…Tell them they are mine…
Tell them I will never leave them nor forsake them.
Tell them they are precious gems…Tell them I see them as perfect.
Tell them they reflect my image…Tell them not to look back.
Tell them to look straight ahead…Tell them I laid out the red carpet for them.
My blood, It was enough.
Tell them, tell them, tell them again!

Father, tear down the stronghold of religion, man made rules, lies and everything else that was built up against the love of God.

Father, because you died and rose again, there is no power that can stop your love, your Word from going forth. Thank you for this awakening of your love to a hurting world. Thank you for rebuilding the ancient ruins. (Isaiah 61) Amen.

Have a blessed day God’s most beautiful people. He loves you, he loves you, he loves you. His Word, every promise is a covenant promise just for you.

I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. Jeremiah 31:3

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