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Secret Shame

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Overcoming Pain and Brokenness After an Abortion

BISAC: REL012080 RELIGION / Christian Living / Prayer

Find freedom from your past!

Shame is a five-letter word that can drive anyone to the end of their rope, but God can provide a double portion of love and understanding for anyone looking to move beyond.

Angel Murchison shares her journey of overcoming personal trauma, the shame following a hidden abortion, and life’s intimidating obstacles. The reality of her story will strengthen anyone’s faith in God, as she shows the truth of His Word and His promises. Outlining essential elements of grief recovery, while also celebrating the return of joy after the pain of trauma, Secret Shame will bring anyone recovering from the realities of abortion to the healing waters of Jesus Christ.

By leaning on the promises of God that are free and available to everyone, Angel Murchison confirms it is possible to heal from the burdens of shame, trauma, self-loathing and self-condemnation that appear after an abortion.

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Are you living every day the very best for Jesus Christ? Are you walking into your destiny?

Journey with me in my Good Morning Beautiful People series, as I pen real life experiences and deal with real life issues.

It is here you will find hope, healing and deliverance for your life through these inspirational writings as I bring the anointed Word of God alive. There is power in the written and spoken Word of God.

Angels Believe Ministries is a Christian nonprofit organization in Presque Isle, ME, which was founded in 2019